• 0005: Eliminate Indoor Odors with Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson is a passionate environmental odor control specialist with EIEI Odors of Tucson. He works with people throughout Southern Arizona whose sensitivity to indoor odors cannot be ignored. Greg permanently eliminates any indoor odor that prevents people from enjoying their home or work environment, thus improving air quality.
  • 0004: Achieve Marketing Success with Jesse Geborkoff

    Jesse Geborkoff is a talented photographer and digital visual artist who specializes in unique graphic designs and animations for business marketing and personal use. He’s the owner of 8 Digit Marketing who partners with businesses and nonprofit and government organizations to gain customers through effective marketing strategies.
  • 0003: Adding life to your years with Dr. Shaun McGuire

    Dr. McGuire was raised on the east side of Tucson and started his studies of human physiology after serving an enlistment in the United States Army. While working as a personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist and a multidisciplinary clinic here in Tucson he trained a wide range of people from University of Arizona AND Olympic athletes to senior citizens. Dr. McGuire trained under the late Czechoslovakian neurologist, Vladimir Janda, and continued...
  • 0002: Safeguarding your future with Dianne Kelley

    Dianne Kelley is the founder, CEO, and designated broker at Sandbrook Group (Sandbrook Benefits Group LLC) a growing local life and health insurance provider focused on helping people secure their financial futures. She is very well known in Tucson business circles and today we get to learn more about her and her business.
  • 0001: Award-winning photography with Tj Roxas

    Tj Roxas is an award-winning photographer and an exceptional videographer who specializes in providing newly engaged couples and soon-to-be graduates with an amazing experience that most clients say, “was beyond their expectations”. He is the busy owner of Tj Roxas Photography and is an Expertise.com top 15 Tucson wedding photographer.