In 1997 I enrolled in the University of Phoenix as the only option to attend a four-year college in the evenings. I was still serving in the United States Air Force and needed to find a school where I could earn a technical degree on my schedule.

A few years after earning my undergraduate degree I earned my master’s degree in education while working in the mortgage industry. My intention was to teach but my job couldn’t afford me to follow through with the student teaching requirement. So I earned my degree but never have been employed as a teacher or educator.

University of Phoenix

Master of Art in Education with an emphasis on Adult Education and Distance Learning (2005) – 3.66 GPA

  • COM/516 Professional Communications
  • EDTC/510 Foundations of Distance Education and Training
  • EDD/511 Adult Learning:Theories, Principles, and Applications
  • CUR/524 Instructional Design
  • EDTC/526 Assessment and Evaluation in E-Education
  • QNT/540 Research and Ethics in E-Education
  • EDTC/550 Information Technology
  • EDTC/555 Internet and Distance Education Delivery
  • EDTC/560 Applications of Multimedia and Web Page Deisgn
  • EDTC/570 ¬†Courseware Authoring
  • EDTC/575 ¬†E-Education in the Global Environment
  • EDTC/590 E-Eucation Capstone

Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis on Information Systems (2002) – 3.61 GPA

  • CIS/319 Computers and Information Processing
  • MGT/333 Organizational Communication
  • SOC/315 Culteral Diversity
  • CSS/415 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CMGT/423 Project Planning and Implementation
  • CSS/420 Computer Architecture
  • GEN/323 Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • POS/429.1 Programming Concepts
  • MKT/421 Marketing
  • POS/431.4 Structured Programming Techniques Using the “C” Language
  • CSS/416 Data Design and Inforamtion Retrieval
  • CSS/417 Database Management Systems
  • TCM/420 Telecommunications
  • QNT/321 Statistics in Business I
  • FIN/324 Financial Analysis for Managers I
  • QNT/322 Statistics in Business II
  • FIN/325 Financial Analysis for Managers II
  • CMGT/424 Information Resource Management
  • MGT/331 Organizational Behavior