About Mike Erickson

When I was a young teenager growing up in Iowa I really enjoyed drawing mazes. I enjoyed sports and band too but I could sit down for hours drawing various shapes that snaked around itself dozens of time to create an artistic puzzle. Focusing on those details decades ago gave me a hard to follow path. Do you know someone who is a professional maze creator? I suppose there are a few but I didn’t aspire to make it a profession.

Regardless, that attention to those small details I created helped me to better understand the many complex systems of a military cargo aircraft, the inter-workings of both computer hardware and software and the details of running both a website development service and professional coaching practice.

Focusing on details has been a very big part of my life. But so has the creativity that was a big part of the “art” I created in each maze. I love to create beautiful business products. Product and service brochures, business cards, catalogs, and the graphics to go with my website services is a very satisfying skill.

So that kind of wraps me up. I really enjoy diving into details, finding patters, fixing things that may need to be fixed or improved, and making it all look beautiful too.

My wife and I live in sunny Tucson, Arizona (since 1992). When not consulting, mentoring, teaching, and coaching, we enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, cooking and spending time with family.