What Do People Want In A Coach?

People want a coach who partners with them.

It’s often that business owners and leaders feel like they are alone in their business. Their closest friends and family members may not always understand what they are going through. When we work together to tackle change in your business or career we do it to make sure you have the best chances for success. My focus is on you and your success.

People want a coach who has strategic skills.

There are six basic strategy skills we will work on during our relationship. The are 1) Anticipate, 2) Challenge, 3) Interpret, 4) Decide, 5) Align, and 6) Learn. Each of these skills will help you to reach your goals and improve your results. These skills I will do my best to share with you as we work together.

People want a coach who has an understanding of business.

I’ve been self-employed since 2007. And spent seven years intimately managing the business operations of a mortgage brokerage. Therefore, I have more than a dozen years of intimate experience in business and have a solid foundation in understanding what you are experiencing as a business owner or business leader.

People want a coach who has a customized style.

Many business coaches have a program that you have to fit into for them to provide their services. I believe, even though we face many of the same challenges, we are all different and you are worthy of a unique, exclusive relationship that is dedicated to you and your interests.