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  • What Coaching Is and Isn't.

    Coaching is essentially a process of communicating between a coach and client, starting with the aim of helping the client maximize their abilities, skills, and talents.


    When working with Mike, this most often is achieved by helping you 1) set goals that will add significantly to your business and 2) achieve those goals.


    The most important point to remember is that coaching is not therapy, counseling, or psychology. In addition, coaching should not be confused with consulting or mentoring - there are subtle differences between each of these interventions.


  • Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

    Any seasoned small business owner who's had success in the past and cannot seem to get through a stage, situation, problem or other block. A person who can work on a new relationship as work on their business moves forward have more rewarding coaching experiences.

  • What Do People Look for In A Coach?

    Someone who partners with you.

    Many times, people feel like they are alone on an island. You don’t have to. You and Mike partner to tackle change, to make sure you have the best chances for success.

    Someone who understands.

    As a self-employed entrepreneur for many years, and holding key positions in small and medium businesses, Mike's had intimate experience in various business situations and have a solid foundation in understanding what you are experiencing.

    Someone who has strategic skills.

    Many people lack strategy skills. Mike strongly believes his strategy skills will help you to reach your goals and improve your results. They are also the skills he will share with you as you work together.

    Someone who has a customized style.

    Many people try to put you in a program that you have to fit into. Mike believes everyone is different and you are worthy of a unique, exclusive relationship that is dedicated to you and your interests.

  • How Does Coaching Work?

    Typically the coaching relationship builds over the course of about three months where we work to identify the areas of concern and design a course of action. We'll meet via phone, Skype or online meeting to ensure you are on the right track.


    Once you've reached your goal we can stop or move on to the next thing you want to accomplish.

  • Purpose, Mission, and Values

    I offer specialized knowledge in research, marketing, and communications to help clients meet their goals. I create a delightful coaching experience that people will recommend to colleagues.


    I value Honesty, Friendship, Loyalty, and Decency


    Honesty - Being honest with my clients.


    Friendship - Being friends with my clients.


    Loyalty - Being loyal to my clients.


    Decency - Having behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality and respectability.


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Sutton Erickson Real Estate Group

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  • Sutton Erickson Real Estate Group

    We pride ourselves on creating long lasting relationships with our clients.


    Our utmost goal is to help you make wise Real Estate decisions while we take care of all the details involved with researching, marketing and negotiating in the purchase of your next home or sale of your current home.


    Visit for more information.

  • Buying a Home

    We offer you the highest level of service by providing you an in-depth analysis of you needs, wants, and of course what is realistic for you. We offer personal service and we do not hand our clients off to anyone. Communication is the key to our success working together as a team.

  • Selling Your Home

    Communication makes all the difference.


    You'll always know what's going on behind the scenes while your property is listed. We will solicit feedback from each consumer and agent who views your property, passing their comments on to you.


    We will work together to formulate a price adjustment strategy that sees us through your listing period. You'll receive regular progress reports, delivered as frequently as you request. Whether you prefer a phone call or an email, that's what you'll get.


    Seller's Guide

  • Investing In Residential Property

    We are not currently servicing investors but we are preparing!


    We are working with software developers to create a program that will help us analyze the income potential better.

  • Purpose, Mission, and Values

    We offer specialized knowledge in research, marketing, and negotiations to help you meet real estate goals. We create delightful real estate experiences that people recommend to family and friends.


    We value Honesty, Friendship, Loyalty, and Decency


    Honesty - Being honest with our clients.


    Friendship - Being friends with our clients.


    Loyalty - Being loyal to our clients.


    Decency - Having behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality and respectability.


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